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i try to use Veeam Backup for Office 365. I added the Organization, the Repository and created a Backup Job.

If i run the Backupjob i got an Error:  Sth like: The connection to the remoteserver cannot be established.


The Veeamsupport can't help. Theres a Sophos UTM behind the Veeamserver but still with firewall turned off it doesn't work.


Any ideas?


Grüße :)

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From where are you pulling data? SP? exchange?

Hi Adam,


what do you mean?

I have an office 365 Business Abo and Veeam is on a local Virtual Machince in the office.


I try to save the mailboxes.

Have you checked the necessary permission on the 365 account you are using for the connection?

We use a global administrator account and i added the Role Sharepoint Administrator...

Please check if the global admin has the following permissions in the exchange admin center:

This account must have the following Exchange roles:

Role Management role. To grant ApplicationImpersonation role.
ApplicationImpersonation role. To allow this role assignment, the account must be granted the Organization Management permission.
Organizations Configuration role. To manage role assignments.
View-Only Configuration role. To obtain the necessary organization configuration parameters.
View-Only Recipients role. To view mailbox recipients (required for job creation).
MailboxSearch or MailRecipients. To backup groups.

There is no role: organization management?

The other roles are correct.

Found it ... its also Member of Organization management.

Got it - its an Exchange Only Plan and if you try to backup the whole organization Veeam tries to connect to site and onedrive - without them the backup works.



Great you figured it out!!