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Hello Everyone,

 I have created an user Office 365 account which does not have any admin option and one Microsoft Developer Subsription with domain name and so as it being a administrator so whenever I  want to go to admin center as soon as I click admin the next office 365 user account opens rather than admin center and I have tried to check it through signing out from user account and tried to do the same with administrator account but I am unable to open the admin center from administration account.

Any Suggestions about how to fix it?


Thank You

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@satendraprasad  Not sure i really understand the problem but try the following:


  1. Open a new "Incognito Window" (or InPrivate Windows) in your browser
  2. Enter the address of your developer tenant in the address bar of the browser
  3. When prompted to login, use the account that is Administrator for the developer tenant


Hope that helps!

Regards, Magnus