Office 365 tenant migration - from private to education in AUS


Dear Forum Members,

We are building a new school in Australia. The work is starting now but we don't have an domain yet (under government approval). My question is that if we start a Office 365 tenant, just use any small business plan, with any email addresses. Later on, once we have received the domain and registered with Office 365, how much work is it involved to migrate existing data to the new tenant?

How do business usually approach in this kind of scenario setting up Office 365 tenant? Our business will be cloud only with no onsite infrastructure at all, even with virtual network appliance if possible (at least we are hoping to achieve this goal).

Thank you all!

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Tenant to tenant migration is not an easy task, so I'd advise against going this route, unless no other options are available. I believe you should be able to add EDU licenses to an already existing tenant, so you might not need to do this anyway, but best check with your local Microsoft representatives.

@wangjueliang you could try one of these services that can help you with a tenant to tenant migration...


just google "office 365 tenant to tenant migration"