Office 365 service request, how to

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I need to get an answer regarding Teams. I Have tried online training videoes (they are too old), Teams tech community and Twitter. But no responce. So my last option is to send an service request to Microsoft.


But the "contact support center" is grey, and I can not select it. 

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What I need help for, too understand what the "compulsory participants" is used to when I arrange a Team meeting, inside a channel.

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That field is called "Add Required attendees" and you can use it if you want someone in the channel to get an calendar invite (in addition to the notification in the channel). Or if you want to invite someone that is not in the channel. So you can add a contact in this field.

Great @Linus Cansby  So only those mentioned there gets an invite in the calendar. And have the option to Accept, or deny the invitation? Does the same applies for optional attendees?


And if I understand it right, otional attendees is invited as "Attendee". Add Required attendees as "Presenter"?

- Geir


As default all users joining the meeting will be Presenters. You can change this in meeting options.

Thank you @Linus Cansby very usefull. My last question. What is the Optional participant for? 

- Geir

@Geir Hogstad It is like in Outlook where you have Required and Optional.


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So the attendees that have to be in the meeting you add to the Required, if they can't at that time then you reschedule. All the others that don't have be in the meeting but it is good if they join, they can you add to optional. It have no effect on the meeting like setting permissions or something like that.