Office 365 Sending Limit Clarification

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I have a user that has 2000 emails that should have gone to an internal shared mailbox and an external recipient, but due to an error only went to the internal recipient.   The ask is: Is there any way to automate the forwarding of these messages from the internal mailbox to the external recipient.  Now I know I can easily create a rule to forward everything in the folder to the recipient, but will forwarding 2000 emails get the account locked out?  As I recall the sending rate limit is like 30 messages per minute when using SMTP, but what applies here?  I am basically want to know if they do this will they get the account locked or will they start generating a ton of bounces after X number of messages are sent?

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Hi @jab9417 


As far as I am aware, the 30 messages/minute still applies even if you set up a rule to forward all of the emails.


The receiving server and any email filtering application they may have may also their their own rules regarding receiving high volume of emails from a single source so may kick in it's own anti-spam detection rules to further complicate things.. For this volume of email, I'd be inclined to see if exporting the desired email out as a PST and importing back to the external mailbox is an option.