Office 365 - Secondary Hierarchy Public Folder



I just opened another Public Folder Mailbox - Secondary Hierarchy 

How to open Public Folder under Secondary Hierarchy?


I'm not seeing it under Public Folder ROOT




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@gilb380  this should help you;


How Can You View Public Folders?
  1. Open Outlook and select your mail profile if prompted.
  2. By default, you will not see the Public Folder Hierarchy.
  3. At the bottom of Outlook, you will see options such as Mail, Calendar, People, Tasks, etc. ...
  4. Based on your permissions, you will be able to browse the Public Folder Hierarchy.

Also, this is the docs about Public folder...





How can I create Public Folder under Secondary Hierarchy?


when I create it is opened under Primary only.


Is there a why doing it not using Shell command?




permission ROOT is only set to Primary 


How to set permission ROOT to Secondary?



@gilb380  if you go through the docs... the link you will find all the use cases for that... it does include permission and everything else...


here is the link for the permission on the same docs... 



I got Global Admin permission


and still cannot see this secondry public folder


is this secondary public folder can be use as public folder with SMTP to recive email? 

@gilb380  i don't think it has to do anything with Global admin right, so you might be missing any step or the secondary is not just supported.





when I'm edit the Secondary Hierarchy Public Folder


under mail usage I'm getting this error message:


The user hasn't logged on to mailbox 'Public Folder Mailbox Name' ('546c31b2-8c27-40f5-aed2-7b58a267538a'), so there is no data to return.
After the user logs on, this warning will no longer appear.
Is this related to my problem?
What should I do?

@gilb380 the secondary hierarchy is not a second set of public folders. There can be only one root. 

I’m pretty sure that the secondary hierarchy is a replica meant for scalability. It’s also read only. It contains both hierarchy and content from the first public folder mailbox. 

That’s why you can’t see another set of public folders. 

Vern Weitzman

Cira Apps Limited 


@Vern Weitzman 

So what it uses for?


@gilb380 If you have 100 users accessing a public folder, a replica probably  is not so helpful.


However, if the public folder is all contained in a single mailbox and you have 10,000 users that constantly need access, a single mailbox may not allow such a huge demand. 


A secondary mailbox has a replica of the original data.  When users need to open and read data, one or more replicas can serve the data.