Office 365 redirect to MDM

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We received information from our HQ office in Japan that Office 365 E3 plan is able to redirect user device (within company network) to a third party MDM solution.


Is this part of a feature in O365 E3 plan or is there any charges involved? To be able to redirect user to MDM to check if they are compliant before redirecting back to O365?


I can't really find any articles about this.


Appreciate any inputs.



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Could it be that additionally to E3 licenses you also have EMS licenses?
Thanks for responding.

Is the EMS license included in the Enterprise E3 plan?

Sorry, I'm not that sure because we have yet to migrate over to 365.

No, E3 plan doesn't include EMS. There is only a somewhat stripped version of MDM included with E3 plan (comparing to full blown Intune, which is part of EMS). Free MDM option is enough for our org as EMS is pricey and we don't know how many licenses we might need and everyone already has E3.


I haven't heard about "redirecting", so maybe you are using wrong term here. Can you explain what exactly you expect to achieve?


Maybe you were just talking about implementing MDM with Office 365. As i have mentioned, you have free MDM option with E3. You can find information on that searching about "Office 365 MDM". You can try it out. First you need to enroll. In the main Office 365 admin center put "mdm" into search box. Press on MDM device management or similar in the search result and press Enroll there. Wait for 24 hours. Then go to Admin centers > Security & Compliance center. There should be Data loss prevention > Device management menu. There you can change organization-wide policy and create new MDM policy. You can apply it to one group and then put users into that group, which you want to enroll into MDM.




Thanks for the response.


Actually, we are looking to restrict users to access to Office 365 from outside of office, or to only use company's devices if they need access. 


You most probably would need Intune with Azure AD Premium and Conditional Access to do such restrictions. Free MDM is very basic and you can just enforce encryption and usage of PINs or passwords on mobile devices with it.