Office 365 Portal - Notifications Bar

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I have a user that has had a notification appear in the notifications bar telling him that his password was due for change.. He hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete and changed his password there. But it seems that ADFS local hasn't notified Azure/365 Admin that he changed his password, because everyday since and 3 days past his password expiry, the notification constantly reappears (even after you hit clear all notifications). I noticed on the 365 settings that the most you could change notifications was purely off/on..  


I was wondering if there was somewhere that I, at admin level, could edit to change the responsiveness of the notifications. Can I, for example, have it look at the particular attribute in AD, like the pwdLastSet attribute, and notify based on that? 


Otherwise... anyone come across a similar fault and what did they do to rectify it?

I found someone else with the identical issue. Though no resolution for him either. 

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