Office 365 Outlook not viewing meeting room calendar.

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It seems that after the last update users cannot view info for the meeting rooms. 

i changed the Read Permissions from Free/Busy to Full Details and nothing. I have several user on outlook 2016 and they have no issues, so this seems to be an office 365 issue.

any suggestions?


Thank you

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Define "last update", which version exactly is that, as those differ depending on the "channel". I can tell you mine works just fine, version 1808 (10730.20155). But that's the "simple" scenario with both the user and the room located in O365, other scenarios might not work as expected...


In general you can refer to this article for any recent/known issues:


I was told Version 1809. I am running a stand alone office 2016 and have no issues. Our exchange server is hosted. tomorrow i am going to check for a new update and see what happens. Maybe i will see if i can roll back to a previous version.