Office 365 Outlook and Teams Stuck

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Hi, we are currently experiencing a tenant authentication issue (i guess) our users with Outlook and MS Teams cannot login/use the application. 


Outlook = "Need Password", Teams just didn't work and requesting for sign in.

My take is i enabled TLS 1.2 under internet options. and it WORKS after restarting the application but if i am correct (or am i?) all modern AUTH are exempted.  - I didn't read everything.


Some of information that might help.

-Reset Password Policy.

-Standard License (bundle with Office365)

-TLS 1.2 automatically unchecked after sometime (Windows 10)

-GPO to checked TLS 1.2 not working.

-Not happening to Cloud created User / Only happening to Local AD created Users


Am i missing something?


Thanks for the help and support.



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Hello, @Jeesoon, your issue is very common and it happens from time to time in my environment. My recommendation is to close all office applications and delete all saved credentials from Settings/Accounts/Email & app accounts and Settings/Accounts/Access organization.


Open Word to sign in. Check for office updates and install any available. Open Outlook and sign into email. You should not face any issues in the end. This can take like 5-10 minutes.


One more suggestion is to always have Teams, Outlook, and Microsoft 365 backup for unpredictable situations of ransomware attacks. Check this info here