Office 365 Outlook 2016 Deleting emails

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We have a situation where it seems like Outlook 2016 is deleting email from our Scanner. One user so far and when an email comes in from the scanner it get automatically permanently deleted the only way to get it back is the recover email from the deleted folder. No active rules on this Outlook. If you move the recovered email from Deleted to any other folder they are deleted again withing a minute or less. 


Any recommendation as to where to start looking would be most welcome!!! 

Thanks you!!

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Can you reproduce the issue with Outlook not running, i.e. just in OWA? Same for any mobile devices, temporary disable synchronization and see if the issue reappears.

We had a similar issue. Turned out to be the problem with the Samsung phone. We recreated ActiveSync profile on mobile and it worked.

Once the user gets in I will try that.

Once interesting thing I noticed. It only happens if the email is unread. 

I did another test. I recovered 2 email left Outlook closed for over 45 minutes. Once I opened outlook they were gone with the initial sync.  

So most likely some Outlook add-in, or local AV/scanning software interfering.

Thanks I will look at that. 

Disabled all the add-ins still happening. I am trying to create a new profile see if that makes any difference. Thanks for your help I will update as soon as I can