office 365 on-boarding feature ppt required

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Dear Team 


I am in the stage of on Boarding to Office 365 i have a management meeting which i need to Demonstrate the high level Benefits by moving tO365 is there any Custom PPT Files for this if yes please share 



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Hi Ezra! At YouTube you’ll find tons of small o365 introduction videos like this:
Better way would be to convince others with teamwork functions in word or excel within OneDrive/ SharePoint. I always have different SharePoint sites for different tasks and for learning by doing. This is more effective than any ppt 8)

To follow up on Eva's point, there are a few other things

1.) You could reach out to your Microsoft Account Manager or Vendor and request a Customer Immersion Experience (CIE)

2.) You have hundreds of articles on the internet such as this one on the Top 10 benefits of Office 365 which you can transfer to a PowerPoint (just an example). The benefits of the products themselves are typically found on the product sites themselves such as

3.) You spin up and do a live demo at

4.) You could engage your own business in a productivity assessment and compare this to Office 365 features. You could also do an all up cost analysis and report back. This is often great for CEO's/CFO's.

I agree with Eva that PPT's are becoming less prevalent when pitching as video, demo's and immersion experiences are more engaging - and you'll likely have more success and buy in.

One final thing - Office 365 is evergreen and changes every month so PPT's created rapidly go out of date. It also rapidly introduces new apps such as Forms, Flow, etc. I don't think many that are out there are very relevant to where we are today. If you do use one I would take a range of sources such as demos, articles, product sites to make a stronger case.

Hope that helps to answer your question

Best, Chris

Best, Chris

Hi Esra, dear Christopher!

just found a good address to explore the Office 365 Labs to practice with others... NOW you have got more than stuff to present i fear. NO kidding!


Have a good Sunday you both :)

I really recommend doing a CIE as @Chris Hoard mentioned! ( costumer immersion experience)
I actually do these for customers myself at work and I belive they are great to convince stakeholders etc the benefits of using Office 365!