Office 365 MS Word Opens old versions from SharePoint

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situation: We have a SharePoint 2016 installment, our servers are off site but we control them. We edit our documents using SP16. I was recently upgraded to Office 365 and ever since, when I navigate to our SharePoint site, edit a document and save it, the next time I open the document, it is the previous version BEFORE my edits and I have to click the "Discard Changes" button in the yellow warning ribbon. One this is clicked, all of my changes are there.

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Are you opening the document and trying to edit in the browser?


I found that I had to download the document, make changes and save as a type .docx document. Then re upload the document to SP and than it should work (allow you to edit the document normally in the browser).


I think this is all happening because the original document was uploaded in a old Word format.



Check also the version settings in that document library settings. This discard changes me sounds a bit like a version issue. 

We have had the same issue using SharePoint 2016 with M365.  I have saved a document and a co worker opens it (it says I saved it last and the correct time). He is sharing screen and none of my edits are there. If he closes and reopens they all appear. Scary because you never know if you are working with the latest version.