OFfice 365 Modern Authentication - Mobile phones

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I am getting ready to  turn on modern authentication (leaving basic turned on for now)

when this happens will the mobile phones be forced to re-authenticate or that will not happen until they remove and re-add the mailbox?

is this true for only naitive EAS or outlook for IOS and android?

i know outlook 2016 should flip automatically unless i override this internally with EnableADAL =0

will EAS stay using basic auth until its manually updated ? 


i was thinking of enabling modern auth

create a new auth policy which disables basic auth

apply this new policy to a few users 

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Enabling Modern auth and disabling legacy auth are two separate processes. If you simply enable MA, nothing happens, as in clients will continue accessing mail. Some clients (such as iOS Mail app) will require reconfiguration/recreating the profile, others will simply display the new OAuth-based prompt.

@Vasil Michev thank you for your response.  Does this mean when i enable modern authentication Only outlook will automatically connect using modern auth.  IF a user removes and adds there account to their phone assuming they are using a supported IOS version they will automatically connect using modern instead of basic ? or do i need to create an authentication policy to force them to use modern?

iOS Mail app in particular requires reconfiguration, best prepare some guidance for your users. And yes, Modern auth is the preferred method, all apps should default to it.