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We will shortly be migrating to Office 365 however, before we do so I was just wondering that during the transitional stage will current users using Outlook 2016 be able to connect to Office 365 email using the stand alone client that is already installed on the PC/Laptop? How does the licensing work with existing software already installed on our PCs/Laptops?


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Hi Ad,

The Outlook client could be configured with the Office 365 mail profile providing that the autodiscover record for Office 365 has been added to your current DNS records. However, mail would not route to the Office 365 accounts until the MX record is configured to point to Office 365 from your previous provider (or on-prem server).

If this is a staged migration you would need to temporarily configure mail forwarding from your current email addresses to the target address of your Office 365 tenant, ie, until the migration is fully complete. There is an article below here which will explain a staged migration in more detail:

In regards to licensing, depending on your current installation if you have pro plus you should just be able to activate the software using the users Office 365 ID.

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Hi James,


Thanks a lot for your quick reply.


That's very helpful thanks, our migration will be a cutover as we don't have a huge number of users.


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Hi Adam,


The licensing remain the same about your Office 2016 installation regarding your type of licenses. You can configure normally the Outlook 2016 to Office 365 without any issues, and after migrate the users you can install Office 365 ProPlus if you have in your subscription it will upgrade the configurations that you already have.


Thanks a lot for your response.