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Hi Everyone!


I did some research about this before posting but couldn't find a specific answer to my exact query.


In the company where I work we're going through some huge migration as we're getting bigger and want to be more secure and unify our environment. We currently use Gmail managed by Gsuite as our mailbox system and a license of Office 2013 STD for each workstation. Important info for you before I go ahead: we are a company that manages several offices for a total of 1000+ users, each office has a separate DC and AD; we are currently working on unifying these DCs to be accessible by a master DC in our central office.


At the same time we want to move away from Gmail and O2013, so we're looking into one of the 2 solutions:

- Migration to O365 with Exchange online (incl Office package)


- Migration to O365 (only Exchange online for mailboxes) + licenses per PC of Office 2019


In both cases we want to reach a scenario where the AD of each site has LDAP and SSO enabled and linked with the respective Exchange online license. Now when I request quotations to get to this point I'm told I need to have a centralised Windows server machine set up as onsite Exchange server to manage the mail attribute changes in a SSO environment and that Microsoft doesn't allow it otherwise. Is this really needed? Am I getting something wrong here and complicating this migration?


Thanks to whoever can answer, I can provide extra info if required. :)

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Hi! I’d go for a license package with office included! ( Office 365 ) it’s often cheaper and you get all the latest features a lot faster!

You can have many forests connected to one tenant, but as you said every object must be unique, so users can’t exist in both and be synced! Also connectivity must be established between all dc’s!

Have a look at the supported topologies for adconnect and we might help you go from there!