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I have configured Message Encryption and it seems to be running smooth :)

My question is - instead of using transport rules, is it possible to change the templates so I can set "Encrypt" from the Outlook ribbon?

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If you are running the latest version of Office ProPlus 365 then you have this feature already (or will do soon). It is currently rolling out, so you might have it already. Its been in OWA since about Feb 2018 as well. In OWA, click Protect button and then change the protection from Do Not Forward to Encrypt. In Outlook, new email > Options > Permissions > OrgName > Encrypt-Only

Can you see the protect button? If not, you might have not completed the OME configuration. See my blog post here for configuration instruction.

Im having the Protect button, but from the menu I can choose:
- Confidential
- Highly Confidential
- Do not Forward
I dont see an option to choose "Encrypt".
When applying a transport rule to set encryption, its working as intended. But I really would like the option to Choose "Encrypt" from the protect button.
From OWA I can choose "Encrypt" - actually, its this funtion I'm missing in Outlook!

Okay, probably your Outlook just hasn't downloaded the new "Encrypt" template yet. You can manually refresh templates:


As written above. The feature is still rolling out. You need the latest Office 365 Pro Plus release to see this. It does not appear in the MSI release as far as I have been able to tell. The OME general configuration was automatically rolled out to all tenants early Aug.
It is installed last week from the O365 portal - all up to date.
Can I change the template, so it is possible to press ENCRYPT instead of creating a transport rule?

Well. Seems to be "hidden" in the "Do not forward" choice. 

When using do not forward - it seems to be encrypted. Correct?

Nearly correct. There are two options. "Do Not Forward" and "Encrypt-Only" (Outlook wording)

Both apply rights management, so both are encrypted, but DNF has additional policies on it that restrict sharing and forwarding. Encrypt-Only has emphasis on the 'only' in that the message is encrypted but everything else is possible. That is, with Encrypt-Only the recipient can print, forward, share etc. When forwarding it remains encrypted
But I'm still not seeing Encrypt Only??
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You said you had the latest version of Office 365 Pro Plus - but which deployment channel? It needs to be Current Channel to see this feature as it is new. If you are on any of the deferred channels (Semi Annual Channel for example) you will not see it (yet)
This really is a new feature.
I've changed the update channel, and not ENCRYPT is there.
Thanks a lot guys :)
Everything appears to be enabled on my end -- I can select Encrypt Only -- but I get an Invalid Certificate message when I try to send. I followed other instructions to install a certificate (which I thought should already be there for Office 365 E3), but none are listed as available. Can someone point me in the right direction?