Office 365 MDM and Outlook profile creation

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I have enabled O365 MDM on my portal (not full InTune) and I have enrolled iOS and Android mobile device successfully using "Company Portal". Users are using the "Microsoft Outlook" app on each divice to connect to their "EXO" mailbox.


However, The default mail profile on the devices tries to auto configure. Even if I cancel it will prompt again. I dont want the both default Mail app and Outlook to be both configured to connect to EXO. For the iOS device I had to uninstall the Mail app, however this is not as easy on the Samsung S7 device as the deafult mail app and profile prompt keeps re-appearing.


How can I stop this so that only Microsoft Outlook is the configured mail client on these devices?

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One option may be to use device access rules in EOL.


If you set the default ActiveSync rule to block all devices but allow only those in which a specific rule is enabled, you can prevent the use of the native iOS and Android mail apps.  You would need to configure a device access rule to specifically allow the Outlook device family, which is Outlook for iOS and Android (not Outlook desktop clients).  This will not prevent the native mail apps from being configured, but will result in a conditional access message to the native app indicating that the Outlook app is required.  No data would be synced or pushed to the native mail app other than the conditional access message.