Office 365 Mail flow rules acting weird

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I may have previously posted in the wrong forum.. What am I doing wrong with these rules.? Everything is redirected from outside domains except the .us$. Still getting messages from that domain being redirected.. The com and others get through without being redirected, just not the .us$.. No other rules in place.. Thanks


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Hey @bucrepus,


Nothing looks off on your screenshot. I am guessing its something to do with handeling the "occurs at end of line ($)" wildcard for .us, and not the others for some reason. Clearly your syntax is right.


I cant say why that is not working, but let me offer maybe a solution to the problem?


Create another rule with a lower priority that looks for the string .us$, and try to add in something like a X-header. See if you can get that working. If so you can then add an exception to your rule and try it that way?


I would remove the .us conditon, and then create a new rule at a lower priority.


If that does not work, than clearly its just the syntax as a whole, and i think youll want to contact premier support to get them to take a look for you.


Good luck, Just know your syntax is on point, so its not anything obvious, and seems something more fundamentally wrong.


If you want us/me to look into it more, can you post an example header that is still getting caught/flagged, so we can look at the actual syntax of the message details.



Thanks for the reply. Support had to do something to get it to work with that particular .US string on their end. It is working now.. Thanks again