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When trying to load a document from the office 365 family then can only open documents stored on my hard disk. They also open if an attachment on a email.


If I try to load files that are stored on my company network or locally stored OneDrive files through explorer, then it opens the programme startup box and then nothing. 


If have the programme operational (word, excel etc) and try to load them through the standard open process then choose the file (non hard disk) and then hit open and nothing happens.


Any thoughts on what I can do to rectify this problem.


Stumped our MS administrator. 

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Hey Steven,


That is a strange one indeed.


I think you need a bit more information to figure out path forward. Specifically you need to figure out is this a settings/O365 issue, or a client/computer issue.


My assumption would be the later.


1. Can you open these files from another PC or workstation without issue?

2. Can you open these files in the web version of the product without issue?


If yes to either of those, my assumption would be you are having issues with the installed client on the computer, and I would perhaps thing about trying to re-install the office suite.


If no, then I would look at the network/settings in Office 365 that could be causing this.

3. Make sure there is not a conditional access policy set on your side.

4. Perhaps check logs of either the application, or perhaps a fiddler trace while trying to open them, try to see where it is getting hung up.


Just my thoughts as far as next steps.



Hi Adam,


No issues with the documents as can open them if copy over to hard disk or if open them through web based office 365.


Would say it is something local.


Our MS administrator uninstalled office 365 and reinstalled office 365, then run the repair process as still had the issue. Run through a number of settings including trust center permissions hence why stumped.