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This is not that straight forward, may be Microsoft is assuming any applied license has all services enabled in it,

Which cannot be true everytime,

I have following requirement to prepare a report showing

user name

user email

user location

user license info for each service enabled for e.g.


username                     user-email                                   location               license    country/code      E3-Teams,E3-Onedrive,E5-Exchange etc..



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This could be a possibility

If that doesn’t cover it then it’s either a third party reporting tool or Powershell.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

I know and have this one, i dont understand this is not a free tool either,

please stop sharing this link with respect to licensing,


I am looking for Powershell way to accomplish this which i believe should be possible..




Of course it's possible.

You can use articles such as the one below to create your own script

Or wait and see if someone already has one or has the time to create one.

@Vasil Michev @adam deltinger - would you have ever come across a script which can provide this?

Best, Chris

@Himanshu Singh 


Solving our requirements with PowerShell always gives us a great accomplishment feel. Please try the below script which will list licensed users along with enabled service and its License subscription name.

This script will provide 2 output file. Please check the "Simple Office 365 Users License Report" file to solve your requirement.

If you need any modifications, let me know. I am happy to help you.