Office 365 License assignment.




Our company has several Licences of Office 365 E3. When we create a user we assign a new licence to it. But for some users we don't need all the products included in the E3. Can we assign selected product to a single user? Or only one common licence to Office 365 can be assigned to a user which included all software at once?


1) User1 - assign licence only to OneDrive for Business.
2) User2 - assing licence only for Word and Excel.


I'm interesting not to devide one licence to several users, but activate only selected product for one user. Is this possible?

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@aero2466 You can do that directly in the users settings in the Office 365 admin console. Just deactivated the services for the spcific user. You should also check group based licensing in Azure AD.

@Jan-Erik Nakatenus 

Yes, there we have "Licences" + "Applications" for every user, but we can't devide Office applications there, so i can't select "One Drive", and exclude Excel and Word, but only Office 365 can be assignet.



ah, now i understand. you can't achieve that through licensing. sorry for the misunderstanding.