Office 365 IT Team structure

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Good day to all, we are looking to expand,  at least to reposition ourselves in our IT department to better manage, support & deploy office 365. Any idea in terms of org chart, what do you have on your end vs what makes sense. 4000 employees here ... Awaiting your suggestions

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@XndrB Did you get any input from this post?  I am also looking for an "Org Chart" for O365 for about 8k users.  How is your team broken up into groups to support each of the offerings?

@Jerry Ober 


Hi Jerry, no ..


I am still looking to establish a proper Team framework to ensure we invest in the right type of resources and build a team that can be efficient in using the Power Platform as well as being able to disseminate the general best practices for Office 365. 


We are actually only 2 right now for a 4K org, but we get some help from the Server Admin and partial time students. Is there a bcase somewhere i could refer to for Team investment ? 

@XndrB @Jerry Ober I am also looking for this.  Have you found anything or have you developed any structures on your own?  How have they worked?

@XndrB - Have you taken a look at any of these websites: 

This might cover much of what you are looking for (just saw your question today...a few years 'late' possibly).