Office 365 integration

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I hope this is the right place, if not I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.


We currently have a .Net MVC web application which integrates with word. Essentially it generates templates, does some mail merge and launches that into word.


Out initial integration uses an active x control which launches word, due to the obvious issues with this we then integrated with OOS which does exactly what we need.


The problem now is we are working with customers who are moving from local copies of word to an Office 365 license (namely O365 Enterprise E1). They do not have OOS as part of their licensing options.


So we now need to integrate with Office 365 but I can't seem to find any resources which detail this. I can see the Graph API, which looked like a candidate but that doesn't support Word.


Essentially we need to launch office 365 from our web application, passing a document (i.e a template with mail merge fields applied) to the office 365 instance, and then have a means of retrieving that document (I'm assuming possibly via a one drive api).


Can someone advise?




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