Office 365 installation on a Mac

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Our company has an office 365 for business subscription. I have one user with a Mac computer who wants Office Apps installed on his computer. Can that be done? If so, would I go about it just the same way I do when installing it on a Windows PC? 

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The user can log on to and click “install software / office apps” ( can’t remember exactly what it says!)
Office will now be downloaded and installed! This is the same way you do it on windows!
The administrator in this case, not the user, correct?
The users themselves can log in and install as long they are local admins! In this case the Mac user have the admin credentials
it's a subscription plan in which, someone who has an available Office license, needs to sign in and install it from their account.
Yup! I assumed they have an o365 business with pro plus license added to user