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My father currently uses Office 365 for his business email, it's the Business Essentials plan. He has a hosting service for his organization's website and Office 365. The question is: can he cancel the website host and just keep using Office 365 for email? Because he really only uses emails and doesn't need an entire website, just the domain.

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O365 no longer offers any "hosting" services (, are you perhaps talking about some other hosting service, or O365 sold by some 3rd party? In any case, yes, it's perfectly acceptable to use O365 just for email.


Hi Guilherme,


I agree with Vasil, you can use Office 365 only for email.


But if you need to Migrate content to Azure, here is an article that I wrote to migrate the site to Azure


Hi Vasil,


Just read your comment, thought you could help me as well with my question. I am currently using trial version of O365 and want to buy it. Our company already having email hosting on rackspace. I want to migrate to MS Exchange. How it can be possible? 


If you are using domain registrar DNS Server then yes you can cancel your web hosting, just point DNS record to Office365 it will work.

We have many domains which do not have any web page/website hosting and just use with email hosting on office365.


Hi Tahir,


Thanks for reply. My domain is registered at Godaddy. About web hosting i dont have any idea. Just want to use MS exchange for emails and not rackspace. Any guides?