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This is crazy. I'm paying $100 a year and there's no way to get help. The system is insanely complicated. Here's an example. Office 365 is asking me over and over again to re-enter my credentials. It wants them every time I open a document. What should I do? Where should I look? How can I get help? There are discussions and topics and communities. So frustrating.

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Hi @Joshua Miller,


That's quite odd. I like the system (I'm assuming you are referring to Office 365) and it works fine with me and my team (although after digging a bit to find out how to set it up correctly).
If I can be of any help, feel free to ask me questions.

However I guess this is not the correct thread but I understand your frustration is leading you to post in any thread you find, so my I ask: have you tried any of these communities: Office 365 or Office 365 Groups (you can find them in 'Communities' menu above.

But I can post a few things already here (hope you see it before it's removed...)

You should be prepared to answer the following questions:
I'm assuming you have Windows 10 on a PC. If not, I'm afraid my help won't be enough.

Also note my answers below are considering Windows 10 Enterprise 1803 activated and fully updated (the one I have installed in my PC).


  1. When you turn your computer ON do you login to Windows (pin or password) with a Microsoft Personal account?
    If you do, make sure you've added your Work/School account (the one you use Office 365 with): Settings -> Accounts -> Access work or school -> + Connect
    insert your Office 365 credentials and make sure it gets connected.
  2. Do you have an Office (Word, PPoint, Excel, etc.) installed locally and activated in your computer? By 'activated' I mean if you have already activated your downloaded version of Office using a valid product key.
    If you do, make sure the account you are using on your local Office programs (Excel, Word, PPoint, ect.) is your Work/School account. You can check this by looking at the top right side of your screen when you have, for example, Word opened (full screen preferably). If the account is not your Office 365 (Work/School) account then switch to that one. You can do that by clicking on whatever is showing as your current account in that top right spot of your screen.
    Note that you can have a better look at your account details if you select 'Account settings' first (instead of Switch Account).
  3. Are you allowing Office 365 account to stay logged in all the time?
    During the process of logging in to your account (from any of your local Office programs like Word, Excel, etc.) make sure you check the box 'Stay logged in all the time' or similar.
  4. When you comeback for a new session (after turning your computer off for a while, for example), does your local Office remains logged in to your Office 365 account?
    You can check this with the same process I described in answer 2. If not, you should check with your Office 365 administrator (person) if settings in Office 365 admin panel are allowing users associated to the account to stay logged in all the time.

I guess this will do it.

Please note I'm not from Microsoft, I'm also an Office 365 client so I may not have all the answers you need. The ones I have are from my own experience.




Thanks for your question and reply. I've moved this conversation to the Office 365 space.