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I´m made some tests with O365 Groups to understand better, but now my brain is a mess. 

First of all I created a planner plan "Test1" then Office 365 creates a new group (it´s ok), then I move to Teams and when I tried to create a new Team I saw a message like "create a new team based on a office365 group" and I think awesome! I created a new team Test1


But when I went to Yammer and enabled connected groups and tried to create a new group (yammer_connected_group) on yammer, after some seconds I saw a new group on Office 365 groups with e-mail address, but I can´t not use this new group to create a team on Teams.  Then I tried create a team manualy with the same name and suprise ! I get a new team with the same name but with a different e-mail and identity on Office 365.  


I did the same thing with Planner and Teams. I created a new plan 'Test2' on Planner and I tried to create a new team on Teams with the same name and "voi la" I get a new team and a new group with different identity and e-mail. 


After a while I return to Teams and the same link appears again "create a new team based on office365 group" and I clicked and saw the group 'test2' that was created by Planner and everything works creating a second team 'test2'. 


One more thing every group that I created on yammer, create a new Office365 groups but this yammer groups could not be added in Outlook and when you try to send email to them, after some minutes, you receive a e-mail ask to confirm if was you who send it.


I can imagine the head of each Office365 administrator, because after a while they have many new groups on your Azure AD and they have no idea where it comes from. 


Office365 group idea is really awsome but I think Microsoft need to improve it. 


I would like to know how other Office365 administrators handle this situation and whether Microsoft has any best pratice on this?

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Made wade did an awesome info graphic explaining the relationships between products and groups. Take a look at it. Even covers why you can’t create a team based off a yammer because it doesn’t create the same backend exchange bits that creating a group from a plan, group connected Sharepoint site or regular office 365 group.

Anyway hopefully this is helpful.