Office 365 Graph API "businessPhones" organization property

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There is a property called "businessPhones" in the Graph API that will pull the phone number for your organization:


Where is this field located in AAD if I wanted to update this phone number in the GUI?

I cannot find this field anywhere in AAD, but would like to know where the "businessPhones" property is being pulled from. Right now the API isn't pulling any info.

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In the UI, you can configure it by opening the Organization Card (click the Org name on top of the M365 admin center) or this link directly:
So I followed your instructions, but when I run the Graph API, the "businessPhones" section is still blank:
"businessPhones": []

Hello, @JohnnyRani, the Azure AD Graph (v1.6) property for this is telephoneNumber. Check this table with User property differences between Azure AD Graph and Microsoft Graph for more deteails.


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