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Hey every one, i have a problem with forwarding mail 

=> I made it since 2 years from the admin center for one of our employees 

*from his mail to another mail (College).

but he still receive a copy after 18 months he don't receive a copy 


=> Now i reset all settings but i still don't receive my mails, they are forwarded 

I made an other forwarding and it works; the mail is forwarded but a copy is sent to first forward mail, it seams it considered as the owner ... 


PS : No rules, No other forwarding, i still have a storage memory...


if you have some idea, it will be helpful for me 

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Not sure I understand the issue fully, but if you are trying to disable the delivery of a copy of the forwarded message to the original recipient, you can toggle this via the settings and/or PowerShell. If using the UI, toggle the "" setting. If using PowerShell:


Set-Mailbox blabla -DeliverToMailboxAndForward $false

@Vasil Michev thank's for your answer. 

i think that i wasn't clear : 

the problem is not with a copy but with the email ..

you have some employees :

in the admin section we have possibility to create or to manage our users 

if you manage user A and make forward mail A to B all A mails will be forward to B and received just by B.  But if you check i need a copy (true)  mails will be received by B and A  

So easy and sample... i made that for more then one user. 

if you reset settings all will be just as the first time. 

My case: after that i disable forwarding for his email ... the mail still forwarded. 


PS: regardless of a copy example : because i tried just to say

I saw it doesn't work and i create another forwarding let say:

it was forwarding A to B and i reset the setting but the mail received just by B

i did another forward A to C and i check (true for copy) => normally the mails will be received by C and A  


thank you for your help and sorry for my Englisch