Office 365 EO connector "Length of the property is too long"

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We are trying to set up tls in Office 365 connector and i have gotten a list with 120 domains that we need to add to this list in the send/receive connector in the Exchange Online panel.


They already have 5 other domains in this list but are adding more.

I tried to all all of them via the gui(is there a powershell command to do this?), it takes a while since i can only copy/paste one domain at once and click ok, then add and do the same for all the domains.


The problem came when i pressed save or ok i got the error "Length of the property is too long".


From what i can read in this post:


Can i just add another connector with the same name(2) and the same settings and carry on with the domain list?

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Add a second connector with the same attributes for another set of domains. Then you shouldn’t get this error.

Hope that answers your question.

Best, Chris