Office 365 E3 trial, but no license given

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Hi There,


I just created a new E3 trial tenant, but found no trial subscriptions/license after setup.


I have created few trial tenants few months ago, each has 25 trial license.


What is happening?



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Go into admin portal - and go to subscriptions and licenses to check what it says! If there is a trial subscription and no licenses create a ticket with Microsoft from the portal


I've had this happen once or twice, seems something goes wrong on the provisioning workflow. Just create a new trial :) If you insist on using the same tenant, you can add another trial from the Purchase Services menu.

All valid options :)
Happened to me once and created a ticket which sorted it out! Might be smoother going with Vasils suggestions though!
Yes, this has happened every now and then during the 20347 course when students were signing for the trial. You can try to login to admin portal and "purchase" a trial license manually. This usually fixes the problem. If not, just sign up for the new trial as Vasil suggested.