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I have one question here, in my organization when a normal user create the group from OWA, it automatically appears in All Distribution Lists from Directory. I'm sure whether it's a feature or bug. Is there anyway to restrict it not to appear in All Distribution Lists and only admin will create Distribution Lists?

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Hi Phopyae,

It's a feature: see here how to prevent users creating distribution groups.

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Hi Chris,


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Actually I've already done that via remote powershell. Unfortunately the thing is still happening.


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I'm guessing you actually mean "Office 365 Groups", in which case the process to restrict creation is explained here:


You can also just remove from the Address list in question or edit it's recipient filter to prevent them from showing by default. Another option is to hide them from any address lists, using PowerShell and the Set-UnifiedGroup cmdlet.

And if it is a distribution list, you can hide it from the address lists by running the PowerShell command:


Set-DistributionGroup -Identity MyDL -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled: $True

Those are O365 private groups showing in global address list. I found following and it worked but need to hide one by one.


Set-UnifiedGroup -Id Group -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $True

Set-UnifiedGroup worked for me but I have to do it manually on existing Office 365 groups. Is there anyway to restrict permenantly ?

You can *restrict* creation, changing the visibility of the group can only be done on a per-group basis, there is no way to set a "default" value of "hidden".

Thank you mate! That's the point. 


Appreciate for your help! 




As pointed out elsewhere (like, if you want to add something with an Office 365 group that's not in the OOTB product, you probably have to resort to PowerShell. It's reasonably straightforward to find a set of groups and loop through them to update whatever setting you need, and then check regularly for new groups and update them too.