Office 365 - display error - no controls in word, excel, outlook

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Since a few days I have the following problem: When I open an application from Office365, e.g. PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Word, etc., the application window look like this (see attachment). I have already reinstalled Office365 several times (fast repair, online repair, complete uninstall - new installation with fresh installer) - nothing helps. Does anyone have an idea?

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Never seen anything like this, the only advise I can give you is to test it with another user on the same machine in order to exclude issues with the local user profile. Similarly, if this is a domain environment, you can test on a different machine using the same user account and see if you can reproduce the issue. In any case, you should also report it via a support case or directly in-app if you are on the Insider builds.

I found the solution: turn off the hardware graphics acceleration
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