Office 365 did not generate a non-delivery report

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I'm getting the issue with Exchange Online.


When I sent an email (with recipient type was User Mailbox) to outside the organization (wrong email address). Immediately i received and non-delivery report email report form M365. This is reasonable.


But when I sent an email (with recipient type was Mail-enable security group. Send As permission). I did not receive any non-delivery report emails response from M365.


Can anyone help me because i need this feature on Mail-enable security group.



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This is controlled by the ReportToOriginatorEnabled setting for the DL.

@Vasil Michev 

Thanks for your replies

I have tried on this but the result still no change

First, I let the parameter of Report_To_Manager_Enabled and Report_To_Originator_Enabled default as you can see the below



Then I conducting to send an email to external recipients and check the message traces. The result informed that the email was not delivered.



and there was a non-delivery report message was sent to my distribution group(but really I did not get) . After I also checked the non-delivery message.


After I have changed the parameter of Report_To_Manager_Enabled was True and Report_To_Originator_Enabled was False


Then and repeat the above steps.

This time when I looked at the Non-delivery report message. It said that the owner cannot be found to redirect the message even though this group already has the owners (user and group)




This issue happened both Distribution list group and Mail-enabled security group.