Office 365 datacenter issue

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We are based out of UAE and recently signed up for Office 365 Business Premium trial. However, there is an issue in this datacenter that I have raised a ticket about but haven't gotten anything solved.


When using Outlook Web, we see the "new outlook" in the mail pane but switching to contacts or calender shows the "old outlook" and switching back to mail doesnt switch back to the "new oulook" unless the page in browser is refreshed. this happens to all users. 


To test, I created a new instance in the same datacenter and it has the exact same behaviour. I then chose US when signing up and tried it out where it works without any issues! Same browser, same computer. The UAE datacenter has this issue as I have reported but I don't know if and when this will be sorted. Is it recommended to move to US?

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Why, because of a missing/delayed feature in OWA? There's usually a lot more involved into a discussion of picking the right geo-location for your tenant. And given the scale of O365, it's expected that there are some differences between the different geos, until a feature rollout is complete.