Office 365 - Click to run - Constantly connecting to Microsoft?

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Hi Guys,


We have just deployed Office 2016 via the office 365 deployment tool on our terminal servers. We use a case management system that interacts with office and are having an issue where every so often winword.exe is still running as a process even though it is not open in Windows explorer, this causes the case managements script to crash. The support have said the following:


"I know that at some sites Office 2016 for Office 365 has been installed using click to run as opposed to the msi, and they have encountered issues sometimes upon closing documents in that the process hangs as click to run is communicating to a hosted IP address. If you are running Office 365 it might be that this is occurring, but rather than halting the document upload it's instead holding the winword executable open as it passes data to the hosted server."


Do you know if this is the case with that version of office 365?




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