Office 365 Bookings - Custom time slots




I wonder if someone could assist.


I have been looking into Bookings within Office 365 to use within the organisation I work for.

The idea is that I would like to set it up in such as way that members of staff could book out equipment, such as laptops for doing presentations.


The issue is that there doesn't seem to be a way to choose a custom time slot? For example, staff member 1 would like to use laptop1 from 9am until 1PM, staff member 2 would like to use laptop1 the following day, but all day.


It seems as though you can only select minimum time allocations? Like 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours etc for the same laptop? I understand this is probably just aimed at pre-booked services like dentist appointments, car servicing etc things that take a specific amount of time, but it would be nice if there was more flexibility with this. Maybe there is and I've just missed something blatantly obvious?


Any help/info on this would be greatly appreciated!

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