Office 365 - and On-Prem

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Got this 'question' today - and would like to get some 'feedback' from here  



A 'Conservative' Company have synced their users to AAD, all users are running Office 2013 which is deployed with SCCM - no 'Cloud Strategy'.    

The Company is never going to move the users mailboxes to EXO - and would keep On-Prem as much as possible.   


Which "Workloads/Apps/Services/Functionality" can they "use" ?  - (and which without limited functionality?) and can this limitations be bypassed with a 'data gateway' ?  


- Delve? 

- Retention policies?  

- Teams?  

- DLP? 

- PowerApps? 

- Flow?

- Sway?

- SharePoint?

- OneDrive?

- AIP?

- ?? 

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Teams is definitely limited functionality - For the full Microsoft Teams experience, every user should be enabled for Exchange Online


Sure others will chip in with others respective workloads and functionalities.

Best, Chris

The cloud only services will work as expected like Onedrive and sharepoint!
teams integrates tightly with exchange So functionality will be limited also depending on the version of on premises exchange
Interesting, if they want to stay the most OnPrem: Why even thinking on having Office 365?
Agree with Juan here. I was anti Exchange when I first started moving, because we licensed to catch up Office client licensing + OneDrive. Once I realized how integrated and easier it would be to have Exchange Online I bit the bullet and fast track migrated to EXO. Best decision of my life. Exchange Online has been amazing and IMO, the single reason to get 365.

The retention, the storage per mailbox, the archives. Never having to upgrade exchange server again. It's been bonus all around from admin side and user side. There literally has been 0 negative I can say about moving.

You will really have a less than ideal scenario if you don't move your Exchange workload over. Most everything is tied to exchange in some way or another, but to answer you question you can do them all, just some are limited.

We're stuck without EXO - our manager wants to move but it's a heavy push with the rest of the IT infrastructure team - more workload. I'd think it would help with our PCI requirements but... and our manager doesn't have the last say. We've turned on as much of Office 365 as we can just to support Teams, which we're just starting to roll out. Once that is done, then we can show other features, and say 'yup, this would be really cool, but it needs EXO' - then maybe the priority will increase.



I'd be happy with just hybrid - I want to be able to get to my group calendars! That's what I miss most in SPO - the team calendar, and ToDo.

Hi Juan 

My thoughts exactly ;D  - guessing a more "agile" licensing?