Office 365 and IBM Smart Cloud coexistence. Possible?

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We currently have all our users on IBM Smart Cloud using Verse as client. We want just a small team of users (around 10 people) to be migrated to Office 365 in order to evaluate the suite.



These 10 people mentioned above cannot be in an island, therefore, even after they are moved to Office 365, they should be able to at least check calendar availability of all users on IBM Smart Cloud, and users in IBM Smart Cloud should be able to check calendar availability of these 10 users.


I know that it is possible to set Exchange Connectors (Exchange Admin Center -> Mail Flow -> Connectors) on O365 for inbound and outbound e-mails, but calendaring is never mentioned. Does anyone know whether Exchange Connectors also cover calendaring between 3rd party e-mail (in this case IBM Smart Cloud) and O365?


Would that be the best solution for this kind of coexistence or would you guys have other suggestions?


Thanks a lot.



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Hi Rafael,


To acomplish that you have third party solution like Binary Tree.

Hi Nuno,

thanks a lot for the tip! I will definitely hava a look at it.
Hi Nuno,
just got a hint from one of my colleagues that Binary Tree only works for Domino on-premises but it did not work for IBM Smart Cloud.

Do you know whether it really works for Smart Cloud and 365?
Binary Tree has the final answer, or other third party software

Thanks again @Nuno Silva.


Asked Binary Tree directly and will update this entry with their answer.

IBM Smart cloud is based in Lotus Notes Servers... so I think this is not possible, because IBM and Lotus divides the calendar from the email .NSF files, I've migrate clients from on-prem lotus notes, and Dell's Quest, got another third party app to this. but as you want, to keep a coexistence as a Hybrid Deployment.. that's not my bet. I Would like to hear what say binary tree.


There have been some scenarios where Smart Cloud has been successfully integrated with Exchange or Office 365 via Binary Tree's solution.  However...this is not an out of the box configuration.  It takes a large amount of time and labor to configure the solution to work in this scenario.  If it is in fact possible in your exact scenario, you would need Binary Tree consultants to do the configuration, and it will not be a simple configuration.  What that ultimately means is that there would be a significant cost involved to set up and configure this capability.  It's unlikely that you would want to make the necessary budget investment fot a 10 user proof of concept.  I'd recommend against it.

Our company is looking into Migrating from IBM Smart Cloud Notes to Office 365 also cloud based email and are interested in suggestions on this process.  Main question is do we have to use a migration tool from a 3rd party to accomplish this?  We have under 400 users to migrate to O365 and wonder if Microsoft has this capability.




Hi All,


I'm looking for some advice on migrating from a hybrid notes environment. We have IBM smart cloud and on premise, we will need to keep the on-prem notes for some applications but we expect all emails and communities should be migrated to O365/sharepoint. I have been able to find tools with the on-prem to exchange/o365 but nothing in regards to smartcloud. 


Has anyone had experience of this type of migration, or do we have down get local replicas made of mailfiles and then use the existing tools ?


best regards

Hi @Rafael Nunes 


We are analyzing the migration from IBM Smart Cloud to Office 365, I appreciate the experience you can share on migration times, used tool, best practices, simultaneous migration capacity and any information that allows us to estimate migration.

@Omar Pallares L 


Hi Omar - 


A few key questions impact the migration.  Are you able to provide any insight on a few items?


  • Number of users to be migrated
  • Volume of mail to be migrated
  • Any customizations to the mail file templates?
  • Will any apps remain after the user and mailbox migration?  I am aware of HCLs announcements on SmartCloud so you can not be there "forever".  Just curious if Domino apps will exist on SmartCloud for a period of time.  
  • And a very subjective question - Any insights about the user mix?  Percentage of "high touch" / power users compared to lower touch (students, workers checking email just a few times a day, etc).