Office 365 Admin search bars not registering all users or groups

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Hi everyone, so today I was doing just normal administration tasks using Office 365 Admin and when I was removing some old employees from a distribution group I noticed their names did not show up when I searched them in the search bar. However if you look through the member list manually or use  my browser search function (ctrl+F} you will see that they are indeed in the group. I noticed this problem both with searching for existing members of a group or trying to search a contact list to add users to a group / distribution list. Not all users of the group will show up when you search for them using the built in search bars. I think this a recent bug with the admin search bars and I hope it gets fixed soon. Until then I would recommend using your browser search option or manually find the name when trying to remove someone from a big group. Or else you might think a user has been removed but he may still be in the group. I would love to know if anyone else has noticed this issue or if there is a fix out for it.

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Sadly, the number of issues we've had with the O365 AC lately is staggering. Did you use the feedback functionality to leave feedback on this, or report it via a support case?


The EAC can always be used as another entry point to manage groups, and PowerShell of course.