Office 365 Admin Center - Issue with 1 admin user

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We have a Hybrid system. Exchange 2012 on premise, and Outlook 365. Our AD is on premise.


We have 3 admins on our IT team. All 3 users have no issues with the on premise Exchange system. Users 1 and 2 have no issues with the online admin center. User 3 has a very strange issue with the admin portal. 


User 3 can log in to the online admin portal without issue. The issues start when user 3 tries to make any changes via the admin center. Example ; If user 3 tries to forward someone's email, he can make the changes, but when he hits save, it spins and spins and finally errors out. Users 1 and 2 can go in and forward that email without issue.


Another example ; User 1 or 2 forwards someone's email. They save changes without issue. We test that email, and it is forwarding. If user 3 logs in to the admin portal and checks on that user, it shows no forwarding enabled. 


I'm not sure where to start with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Have him try to perform some task via Exchange Online PowerShell, see what happens.