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I did a clean install of Windows 10 64 bit professional recently, reinstalled Office 365. I noticed today that when I open any Office product on my desktop, it says Activation Failed. I pay the $99/yr subscription as well. I can access my OneDrive account, but nothing on my Desktop works.


What am I doing wrong?

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Hello, @cmbero, fist I will dive into the reasons why it could happen. From my side, I can say that maybe you installed Office 365 not on a clean machine, and a previous version is conflicting with the new version.


Other possible reasons can be a poor connection or the wrong subscription assigned.


The solutions are the following - reinstalling Office 365, enabling TLS 1.2, cleaning up the registry, removing cached credentials from the Credential Manager, removing old Office licenses, configuring your proxy server, removing registered Office installations, and assigning a valid Office 365 subscription. Find the detailed instructions on each of the workarounds here.


This link will help you to safeguard your Office 365 data from unexpected issues.