Office 2019 and Dynamics CRM - supported?

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Hello all!


I have read the technet sites but cannot find any information on whether Office 2019 will be supported or works with the Dynamics CRM 2016 (on-premise)


I see 2016 is supported with the appropriate updates


thanks for any info or experience someone might have on this.,




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I am currently facing the same problem, how can I link the "new" Office 365 or 2019 to the CRM? Is there a new Version of "Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 for Microsoft Office Outlook (Outlook Client)"?


Hi Alex,


yep, no new updates from our Partner nor from Microsoft.

Very frustrating...



We have tested the plugin on two windows 10 machines running Office 2019 32 bit C2R. 

The sync works, but not much else.  Frames will not load, and no error is given.


Strangely enough, it works on my Server 2016 machine running Office 2019 32 bit.  Trying to work through the bugs.  

it is now June 2019 and we are still facing this issue.  I found this url with an update in January 2019 that still does not show support for CRM365 and Outlook 2019 Plug-in.


Is anyone aware of an update on getting this functionality?

Is this still not working?


we confirmed it is working however functionality is different.  We were going back and forth with old plug-in or app, sticking with plug-in.  Both had changes in abilities, but plug-in was less of a change for our staff.