O365 SharePoint Online : List column (managed metadata) filter not showing all values present in it

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Hi All,


We have couple of modern list where we used same Managed metadata column. And all these filled with data, so when I try to filter it by using that managed metadata column, in right side filter panel I can see only first 140 values there instead of all values. We haven't enabled any special settings.


It seems that this is OOB issue, is there any way to see all values on filter panel?.


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Hello Sid! My first idea is: Go to your list settings. Right above your list click on Gear =>List settings. go to the very last section about views. If you create a new view of your list, please check if the viewed limit of records is 140 items per page in this view. You can find this option (views limit or someting like that) in the settings of your default view.


Second idea: Pls. go to site settings and check options on your term set. Maybe in some case someone deleted some of the terms? Are they still active?


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Hi Eva,

Thanks for Reply.


Issue is not related to list item view limit but on filter panel it's showing limited terms only (for my case limit count is 140) And also I checked all terms are active not deleted.


Please find below screenshot for reference:



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@Siddheshwar - i think this is related, but is not good news:


Essentially managed metadata implementation in Modern SharePoint document libraries is completely inadequate/half-baked. It's unreliable (missing files that match filter), clunky (no drop down for selecting terms) and missing critical features (does not support large term sets and no type-to-filter option when searching).