O365 Recipient Rate Limit

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When I look for email rate limits for O365 I always find the same figures, but the explanations aren't entirely clear. I know it's a limit of 30 emails per minute, and 10,000 recipients per day. But what I want to clear up is this:


Does 10,000 recipients mean 10,000 different recipients, or 10,000 recipients, even if each recipient address is used multiple times?


So if I send 10,000 emails to a single recipient (madness, I know), have I reached my daily limit? 


More realistically, if I have about 3000 customers, and my customer service department sends most of them five or six emails in a day (from the same sender address), that could potentially amount to more than 10,000 on an exceptionally busy day. I am assuming that would breach the limit and they'd be unable to send any more until the following day?


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I believe its cumulative. And if you are planning to send such amounts, best use a service which specializes in bulk email, otherwise you risk blocking the account (or even tenant).