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Hello. In our education establishment we currently use O365 PRO PLUS. The students who logon have an O365 PRO PLUS licence assigned to their network account. Pupils work by opening a Web browser and signing into another O365 tenant, not the same as the one they have the local o365 license for. When opening fron the Web and selecting open in desktop applications it will launch the local app with a credentials prompt. The student then enters their credentials to add the service in the local app. The problem is from time to time the connected service shows fix me and requires the student to re enter their credentials. Has anyone come across this before? It seems to loose the cached credentials
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I have actually seen this behaviour, even just yesterday with a client who has a license under his local college.  But this also happens elsewhere outside the ProPlus/Academic licensing world.  


First, I'll say, I'm not the authority on why exactly this occurs, but, Microsoft has been ramping up their account security requirements and I would not be surprised to learn that this is a simple process of ensuring passwords are known.  Bottom line: Cached passwords are a convenience but every individual is required and expected to know their credentials.  simply put if they're too lazy to keep track, sucks to be them.  Of course this is a pain in a helpdesk environment where 30% of inbounc calls are password issues, so that's an organizational downside and is of course one of the reasons the concept of cached creds even exists.  :) 


What I do not know, is whether this occurs due to connection issues with the licensing server, because nearly every computer I maintain, if I happen to check the Application event logs, there are always errors connecting to the Office 365 licensing servers.  This is universal, I have dozens of clients so it's not at all isolated, but perhaps this contributes to prompting for creds.  


I'm sure an Office 365 MVP can answer better.  Ever since this MS Tech Communities thing came up in place of the TechNet Forums I used to use, ti's hard to get qualified answers (sometimes, often there are great answers).  





I have the same issue with Business Premium and all my organisation accounts get disconnected every 24 hours on local Office Apps.
It only happens on one PC and I have been trying to fix this since August 2019.



My original post isn't on screen in this reply (what's up with that?) to help me refresh my memory but if this post was that I can't get the licensing info to update in the File > Account screen, the only solution I ended up with to get from ProPlus to the proper Business license for a user this week, was to uninstall Office 365 ProPlus and install Business.  Pretty lame that this is the only way to go. I'm sure a reg edit of some kind might work, but that shouldn't be needed.  Also, we couldn't get anything done via the Change LIcense button located on that same File > Account screen.  And of course "Manage Account" is no good since you have to be able to log into the previous account, which really means contacting IT from the old organization, etc., all stuff that uses time and is stupid to have to do.  


lol I hope this is what my OP was regarding, otherwise, darn :)


It sounds like we have different issues.


I don't have an issues connecting to my 3 different Office 365 organisations.

My issue is they disconnect every 24 hours, which means I have to login again.





Yeah sorry about that, it's a Saturday morning and I"m just cleaning up the inbox a bit and in my rush, didn't bother to go read my original post.  Now that I have done that, I realize I haven't got much more to contribute :) 

I do want to add one thing actually.  Forgive me that I don't recall how, but, somewhere in the deeper areas of I think it was either Exchange Admin Center in office 365 or maybe the Security & Compliance section, but somewhere in there is a place that shows you a list of IP addresses that have recently tried to hack a given user account.  I wonder if maybe the credentials prompts for the user are a systemic reaction to these, where "attached devices" are prompted to re-enter creds because of perhaps a lot of failed breach attempts.  


I completely forget where I had once seen that stuff, other than it's deep inside one of the admin centers or Security & Compliance.  But it showed me that each individual user account is basically under a constant bomnboardment, often from IP's on the other half of the world.  


Thanks for this additional information.

The issue is only with my desktop and my laptop is working perfectly with the same Office organisations.


I will continue with Office Support and see of they can finally fix it.



I hope if you resolve it you can post what was done here.  No problem if you don't think to, I know for me I often miss forum update notifications and realize months later someone replied.  At least the MS one is consistently sending me notices, though via my Google business account,m they keep going to spam despite my clicking "report not spam".