O365 Multi-Geo & Multi Tenant

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Need your opinion, following is the scenario


Existing Setup is as following

  • Single Organization with presence in India & US
  • O365 Tenant A in India with close to 4500 User/Mailboxes/ODFB and a mix of E1, E3, K1 Licenses -Domain name is
  • O365 Tenant B in US with close to 500 User/Mailboxes/ODFB and a mix of E1, E3 Licenses -Domain name is


  • to use only one Tenant to manage all 4500+500 in India+US with their user accounts, mailboxes & ODFB data as well as both the & domain in India O365 Tenant A
  • Use Multi-Geo Feature/functionality within India O365 Tenant A to host Mailboxes/ODFB data of some US users in US Data-centers

Our Query

  • can the above mentioned requirement be met without doing Tenant to Tenant Migration from US to India?
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Hi @Yatin


You will need to migrate all from Tenant B to A to accomplish your goals.