O365 Licence and Email, Turning off being able to send and retrieve email


Good afternoon all.

Working with NHS rolling out their shared tenancy.

Each NHS staff may be given a Apps for enterprise licence, with in their organisation to allow Word to work with Patients record i.e. Systm1 , EMIS etc.

the O365 licence is linked to their email address. 

The staff member will log into a Network PC with Windows 10 credentials, once on they then activate O365 with their email address on that pc and a token is placed for 30 days to enable single sign on.

What I liked to do is create a visitor account, but don't want them to send or receive email using that visitor account.

Is their a way to turn of the visitor being able to send and retrieve email on the Exchange server, but still allow the O365 capabilities for Word to activated locally.

I can turn of majority of applications that come with O365, but due to the nature of NHS shared tenancy, being used by  475 different NHS organisation we don't get the Full Global admin.

Sorry if this sound confusing, but your help would be most appreciated.


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You can simply disable the Exchange Online service plan on the license, so that no mailbox is provisioned at all for such users. If you do need them to have a mailbox for some reason, you can configure a mail flow rule that blocks sending/receiving messages and scope it to members of a given group, then add such accounts to said group after creation.

@Vasil Michev 

Thank you so much, will need to see if this could be done on Our Shared NHS exchange