O365 - increase security options and license alternatives




we have today 05 'Microsoft 365 Business Standard' working to our company using W10Pro (OEM from Dell); we would like accomplish these:


- users able to log on windows using o365 user credentials instead local windows user;

- conditional access to limit what device (android or computer) can be used;

- encrypt HD using Bitlocker to avoid lost data when some device was stolen or lost;

- encrypt/sign emails;

- apply lableling on documents and spreedsheets in a way to be handled only after MFA.


Should we preserve the current package and add separately the packages below or there is some all-in-one package?
- Microsoft Intune + Windows 10 Enterprise + Azure Information Protection P2

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@Renato Pereira did you consider upgrading the license to Microsoft 365 Business Premium.
You have a trail period of 30 days, so you can test the license within your organization, without compromising you users.

Depending on your requirements some issue can be solved without a license change